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Getting Started with BloqVerse - The Ethereum MMORPG

BloqVerse is a massively multiplayer on-chain roleplaying game that is powered by smart contracts. There are no central servers or databases and each universe is governed by its own set of both scientific and economic policies, which cannot be tampered with once launched. For example, even as the creator of their own universes, administrators are incapable of freely generating commodities such as water, stone, wood or steel. The only way anyone, including ourselves are able to create items is by combining the necesary atoms. Water can only ever be generated by combining two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms.

The full list of supply types includes:

  • Atoms | 36 Individual ERC20 Supplies
  • Children | Dedicated ERC721 Supply
  • Corporations | Dedicated ERC721 Supply
  • Credits | Dedicated ERC20 Supply
  • Energy | Dedicated ERC20 Supply
  • Items | 8 Individual ERC20 Supplies
  • Planets | Dedicated ERC721 Supply
  • Things | 9 Individual ERC721 Supplies

The only entity within the game that is not an ERC20 or ERC721 supply are players.

Each player is linked to an invidual address that then has several classes of actions that they can perform:

  • Player Actions | 26 Paid Functions
  • Planet Actions | 4 Paid Functions
  • Banking Actions | 4 Paid Functions

These actions can be performed from the Bloqverse Dashboard or from selecting the individual function from within one of the 12 publicly available smart-contracts that are used to power the game. Using this method is sometimes referred to as hacking the matrix.

Paid functions refer to functions that involve writing to the blockchains, where network fees are required by Ethereum miners in order to confirm transactions. Whereas scanned - or read-only functions that do not involve writing or updating data are freely available for anyone to interact with.

The full list of publicly available contracts and their current addresses includes:

  • Assets | 0x6Abd94Cb80fF4f3BD5E908BFeD475f8007374871
  • Atoms | 0x6Abd94Cb80fF4f3BD5E908BFeD475f8007374871
  • Choices | 0xfd6069b9e96039B407Ae208fC37eEb55eeDA184b
  • Corporations | 0xFdFBbA370f9dffaB7e66a885734De74d101d1ef3
  • Families | 0x6ac1406197386b023Ec214083dB0d95455c9EeCB
  • Items | 0x58631761521E0c9d76031565d787B9B8cbE9c288
  • Milestones | 0x241f0De0E4D43efFb4D10d1cfAdf3F5E2f7956c6
  • Objectives | 0x241f0De0E4D43efFb4D10d1cfAdf3F5E2f7956c6
  • Parents | 0x7F0771Df4E5aC9873Bcf96AD10D8dd7A0DDdb400
  • Planets | 0x2E8B96AD54e28DbcFD98f3F899a6D50248990707
  • Things | 0x371D2101216196F36Cc355d5Af7dcD8cfA24367f
  • Tokens | 0x07d875613a81Fc545cf4659df25844F301132d96

Assuming your wallet is able to support Ethereum smart contracts, you can import these contracts and start playing this game without ever needing to leave your existing wallet or visit this website again.

If you are doing this - the quickest way to start discovering your own unique planets is by performing the following actions:

  • Step 1 - Import the Parents contract and use the Generate Parent function
  • Step 2 - Import the Planets contract and use the Genesis function

Generating Players & Planets

BloqVerse is an educational tool and donation platform developed by and for the Blockchain Embassy of Asia, which is a registered non-profit blockchain consortium based out of Malaysia. It was originally designed to provide its members with unique rewards in the form of planets, which were given in exchange for donating their time or financial resources to the embassy and its ongoing initiatives.

Donations enable us to continue developing more open-source tools, protocols and services - as well as more interactive educational content to help promote distributed economics and community collaboration throughout South East Asia.

The only two processes within the game that specifically require the donation of Ether include the creation of new players and planets. New planets can only be discovered by an active player and players can only be activated upon an existing planet. We take all donations involving planet creation and 30% of the player creation donation. The remaining 70% of player creation donations is automatically given to the owner of the planet upon which the new player chooses to be born.

The minimum required donation fee automatically increases as the number of players and planets increases. The increase in price occurs at regular intervals of every 15,120 blocks (approximately one week), at which point the fee is increased at a multiple relevant to the number of entities. For example, when launching, a planet would originally require a minimum donation of 0.0001 Ether. If, after 15,120 blocks, there was then 10 planets in existence, new planets would then require 0.001 Ether. With 100 planets discovered, new planets would require 0.01 Ether - but only upon surpassing the next 15,120 blocks. This information can be seen within the Planets contract by scanning the following functions:

  • Block Intervals
  • Blocks To Go
  • Minimum Donation
  • Donation Address

The minimum donation requirements for players can be seen within the Parents contract by scanning the following functions:

  • Parent Block Intervals
  • Blocks To Go Until Parent Price Increase
  • Minimum Parent Donation

In all cases requiring or enabled by optional donations, the more that is donated the more that is rewarded. When generating new players this results in the allocation of Credits and when generating new planets, it results in the extra allocation of Energy.

Atoms | ERC20 Tokens

The smallest entities in the universe are atoms. Each element on the periodic table has its own ERC20 token supply. There are a number of ways that anyone can verify the current universal supply and the price for purchashing those atoms from the central bank using universal credits:

With the current bloqverse universe, the first 34 elements of the periodic table have been discovered.

Each atom has the following properties that are unique to its individual supply:

  • Index - fixed integer
  • Symbol - fixed string required for trading
  • Name - fixed string for display
  • Density - fixed integer indicating energy contained or required
  • Price - flexible integer indicating central bank credit price
  • Supply - automated integer showing total universal supply
  • Type - fixed string used by interfaces for filtering

For example, Krypton currently features the following properties:

    "index": 36,
    "density": 375,
    "symbol": "Kr",
    "name": "Krypton",
    "type": "non-metal",
    "price": 33000,
    "supply": 177

Children | ERC721 Asset

The only way to generae a child is by two players processing a family.

Players can be either or both a mother and a father. Any player can initiate the process by proposing marriage to any other player. Only players that have been proposed to can then plan a wedding and only those that have proposed to someone who has planned a wedding can then have a child, which is automatically allocated in ownership to their relevant spouse.

Children are a requirement for and used by corporations, where once allocated then become employees.

Corporations | ERC721 Asset

The only way to generate a corporation is by using the Incorporate Company function, which requires the allocation of one building and one child, who will then become the founder. Once formed, other buildings and children can be added to the company in order to increase the company valuation, which is automatically assigned and tracked by the central bank.

Credits | ERC20 Token

Credits are the universal financial tokens that are controlled by the central bank. Whenever the central bank is giving credits (when - as an example, buying atoms from a player) it is able to produce new credits out of thin air directly into the consuming wallet address. When it recieves credits in exchange for atoms and items (which requires the bank to have the necessary energy) it is automatically allocated to the reserve.

Energy | ERC20 Token

Energy is the universal framework upon which atoms are created and destroyed and is not controlled by anyone.

Items | ERC20 Tokens

The only way to create commodity based ERC0 items is by combining the correct atoms as seen below:

  • Gems = C60 | Au6 | Sc4
  • Magnet = O3 | Ne6 | Fe2
  • Plasma = H3 | O3 | Ar2
  • Soil = Si | K | Na
  • Steel = O3 | Fe
  • Stone = O2 | Si
  • Water = H2 | O
  • Wood = H10 | C6 | O5

Planets | ERC721 Asset

Planets are where this game originally started and can only be generated (otherwise known as discovered) within universal coordinates that have not yet been allocated to a planet. The bloqverse universe features X, Y and Z coordinate limits of 100. This means that each of the three coordinates assigned to a planet must be between 0 and 99, which in-turn allows for upto 1,000,000 potential planets.

Genesis Prime is where the central bank is located.

It's coordinates are 0, 0, 0 - which can also be verified by searching for life:


Alternatively, users can also interact directly with the Genesis function from the Planets contract:


Things | ERC721 Assets

Things are divided into three sub-categories, which includes:

Buildings (Wood, Stone and Steel)
  • Houses (mostly wood)
  • Shops (mostly stone)
  • Factories (mostly steel)

Bulding are required for and used by corporations.

Transport (Steel, Wood and Magnets)
  • Cars (mostly steel)
  • Boats (mostly wood)
  • Spaceships (mostly magnets)
Generators (Plasma, Gems and Soil)
  • Powerplants (mostly plasma)
  • Mines (mostly gems)
  • Laboratories (mostly soil)

Each thing has three required item types and must be built using exactly 100 items.

You must use at least one of each of the three requied item types - as listed above.

Player Actions

Player actions are divided into five sub-sections, which includes:

  • Propose Marriage
  • Plan Wedding
  • Have Child
  • Become Ally
  • Renouce Alliance
  • Become Rebel
  • Renouce Rebellion
  • Creft Item
  • Construct Thing
  • Deconstruct Thing
  • Incorporate Company
  • Add Employee
  • Remove Employee
  • Add Building
  • Remove Building
  • Unincorporate Company
  • Intergalactic Merger
  • Transfer Child
  • Transfer Energy
  • Transfer Item
  • Transfer Atoms
  • Transfer Company

These actions can be performed from within the Bloqverse Dashboard by selecting the appropriate function from the drop-down box that is visible after having clicked the player action tab - as seen below:


Planet Actions

Players can perform the following planet actions:

  • Switch Planet
  • Discover Planet
  • Mine Atoms
  • Transfer Planet

These actions can be performed from within the Bloqverse Dashboard by selecting the appropriate function from the drop-down box that is visible after having clicked the planets action tab - as seen below:


Banking Actions

Players can perform the followng banking actions:

  • Buy Atoms
  • Sell Atoms
  • Atomic Swap
  • Buy Item
  • Transfer Credits

These actions can be performed from within the Bloqverse Dashboard by selecting the appropriate function from the drop-down box that is visible after having clicked the bank action tab - as seen below: